Expungements and Sealing Cases Get control back of your record and control what people can see and look up about you

The process of getting your arrest record expunged or sealed is an important step to take once your case has been properly closed. There are some charges in Illinois that your arrest, supervision and or probation records can be expunged. It is important not to have these records follow you the rest of your life. Bad decisions when you were young should not effect your adult life and the chance to gain employment.

I will file all the necessary paperwork with the State and research whether your case is eligible to be expunged or sealed. There is a difference between an expunged case and a sealed case. Expunged cases are physically destroyed records and to remove the name from any official index or public record. Sealing a case is the records are maintained; however, they are made unavailable to the public without a court order. Sealed cases can also have the persons name removed from public records.

Some reasons why you may want to expunge your criminal case:
  • Future Employment
  • Public Record Searches
  • Future Dealings with Law Enforcement