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About Jeffrey Granich

Attorney Jeffrey B. Granich grew up in Bloomington, Indiana and learned early that criminal law, the police and individual rights often collide in an open and free society. Yeah…he got busted. That experience, and many others, led him to an interest in law and specifically criminal law and civil rights.

Jeffrey Granich attended Indiana University obtaining a degree in political Science and philosophy. During his time in college he spent two years living abroad in Israel attending Hebrew University in Jerusalem and spent several months in the Israeli army learning valuable lessons in fighting techniques, strategy and working on very little sleep.

After college, Jeffrey Granich went straight to Law School obtaining an academic scholarship to Case Western Reserve University located in the City of Lights…Cleveland Ohio. He graduated in the top third of his class winning an American Jurisprudence Award.

Having spent his time in Law School working at a prestigious large law firm as well as the Cleveland Municipal Prosecutor’s Office, Jeffrey Granich learned two important lessons. First, large law firms were full of smart, boring lawyers that earned too much money. Second, prosecutors had a nasty habit of calling every citizen that got arrested a “scumbag”. Oh, and also that he liked the people that got arrested more than he liked prosecutors.

After Law School, Jeffrey Granich knew that his future was in crime…uh, criminal law that is. So he went looking for a city that would provide job security and great pizza. But New York wouldn’t have him, so he settled for Chicago. The rest is history. For the last 20 years Jeffrey Granich has represented the fun loving criminals of Chicagoland. Locked in a perpetual running battle with the Chicago Police Department and the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, Jeffrey Granich has earned his reputation as a fierce, relentless and fair opponent.

Several years ago, Jeffrey Granich branched into the practice area of Federal Civil Rights Litigation. He likes to say that the Prosecutors and Police forced him into being a Civil Rights lawyer. A client was charged with a double homicide death penalty case that could only be described as “absurd”. Jeffrey Granich sat down with the State’s Attorney of Cook County and did his best to convince him to dismiss these ridiculous charges against his client. After that failed, a week later his client went on trial for his life. After destroying the State’s case, and freeing his client and two co-defendants…Jeffrey Granich was talked into suing the State’s Attorney himself as well as the three notorious homicide Detectives that tried to frame his client. After two years of fierce civil litigation, the City of Chicago settled for two million dollars and a civil rights lawyer was born.

Today, attorney Jeffrey B. Granich continues his self-declared war on corrupt police, heartless prosecutors and poverty (his own). If you’ve been arrested in Chicago or mistreated by the Chicago Police Department and you’re looking for a smart, tough criminal lawyer to fight your case and protect your rights…call Jeffrey B. Granich. The one call to make when you only have one call…


  • Law School:
    Case Western Law School - 1991

  • Undergraduate:
    Indiana University - 1988

Bar Admissions

  • 1991 - State of Illinois Supreme Court
  • 1992 - United States Federal Court

Certifications & Memberships

  • American Jurisprudence Award
  • National Association of Criminal Defense
  • American Bar Association
  • Chicago Bar Association
  • American Civil Liberties Union

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