My Process

I start with an Initial Consultation Free and Confidential

More often than not, our first contact will take place on the telephone. I will gather information about your criminal and/or civil rights case and set up a free appointment for you to come in to discuss your case further. During your free appointment, I will sit down with you and discuss your case and help you with your questions and concerns. Legal matters can be very stressful and frightening. I will take the time to explain each and every step of the criminal process or civil rights action. It is recommended that you invite your family, your witnesses, and anyone else you care about to accompany you to our meeting. It is important that your loved ones understand the law, your rights, and the case in order for them to help you make the important decisions you will soon be facing. My office is conveniently located in Chicago and is near public transportation. I am also minutes away from all major highways.

Next will be the Careful Review of your case I will carefully read over your case and study the evidence

I will explain your rights under the law, review the facts and law involved in your case, and guide you to the best possible result. As your attorney, I will take all necessary steps to acquire the evidence involved in your case. This can include police reports, videos, photographs, 911 calls, witness statements, scientific and medical evidence. After all the evidence has been gathered, I will consult with you to explain the case and work with you to decide the best defense or legal action to take. It is important that you are involved in this process. This can only happen if you understand the facts and the law involved.

Criminal Process The criminal process can be very confusing

What follows below is a brief flow chart of a typical felony case. During your free consultation we will discuss each of the steps in detail.

  Download Our Case Flow Chart

Heading into Court Let me be your strong voice in court

Almost all criminal and civil rights cases end up in court in some fashion. Whether it is a hearing, trial, or other legal proceeding, cases reach there final resolution through the justice system. Your time in court can change your life. Court appearances go by very fast and are very confusing. I will explain the meaning and purpose of each court appearance prior to and after your court date. This is your life… make sure you understand what is going on with your case.