Noteworthy Cases

BILL WHITE, et al. V. CITY OF CHICAGO - $2,000,000 SETTLEMENT False Arrest and Malicious Prosecution Case

A false arrest and malicious prosecution case. Bill White and two co-plaintiffs were unjustly imprisoned for over four years in Cook County Jail. After successfully defending Bill White on these false murder charges, attorney Jeffrey Granich brought this hugely successful Civil Rights action against Chicago Police Detectives and the Cook County States Attorney Office – including the Cook County State Attorney Dick Devine himself.

ESTATE OF PATRICIA COBIGE V. CITY OF CHICAGO - $5,000,000 VERDICT Wrongful Death and Violation of Due Process Case

A wrongful death and violation of due process case. Patricia Cobige died in a 25th District Chicago police department jail cell after being denied medical treatment.

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JOE ALLEN V. VILLAGE OF WESTMONT- $350,000 VERDICT Excessive Force and Conspiracy Case

Excessive force and conspiracy case. Joe Allen was savagely beaten and falsely charged by the Westmont Police Department. Attorney Granich proves numerous incidences of police perjury and falsification of evidence. The jury awards huge punative damages against each officer and one police sergeant.

FOX-MARTIN V. COOK COUNTY SHERIFF- $100,000 VERDICT False Arrest and Excessive Force Case

A false arrest and excessive force case. Sherry Fox-Martin was illegally evicted, injured, and falsely charged by two cook county sheriffs. Jury rejects sheriff’s version of the events and awards Ms. Fox-Martin considerable compensatory damages.

DAVIS V. CITY OF CHICAGO, $95,000 VERDICT False Arrest Case

A false arrest case. Three Chicago Police Officers illegally arrest Plaintiff Davis on own front porch on Christmas Eve, using racial slurs. The jury is outraged at the illegal actions of the Officers and accordingly award Plaintiff a extremely large compensatory award for the Plaintiff’s four hours in custody.

DILLON V. CITY OF CHICAGO - $75,000 VERDICT False Arrest and Excessive Force Case

A false arrest and excessive force case. Victor Dillon, a single father of two small children, was illegally arrested and beaten by members of the Chicago Police Department. After successfully defending the false criminal charges, attorney Jeffrey Granich gets Plaintiff Dillion a sizeable compensatory award.

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